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Gracie was one of those dogs who did not live a happy life during their younger age. When she was only a newborn puppy, her previous family abandoned her just like trash. By that time that the rescuers found her, she was already in terrible condition.

Poor pup, she was covered in maggots, and the hair below her eyes had gone missing. In addition to those, her birth defect caused her to lose her front legs and disabled her from walking. No one knew what other difficulties she had gone through, but one thing’s for sure: she never gave up on life.

After Gracie was rescued, she was eventually adopted by the Turley family, who runs an animal shelter of their own. The little pup was a perfect fit for their family of a three-legged Chihuahua and a paralyzed dog. It didn’t take long for Gracie to adjust to the people and animals around her fully.


However, since Gracie was only a growing puppy and wasn’t qualified enough for a wheelchair fitting, her mobility became a big problem. The Turleys were worried that she wouldn’t be able to walk just like the other dogs. Good thing, a 12-year-old volunteer named Dylan came up with a creative and fantastic idea.

Dylan built a makeshift wheelchair using his Legos, and soon enough, Gracie was able to take her first steps. The genius invention was even made with a design that can be readjusted since she was still growing up. Once she’s fully grown up, she can be fitted with a real wheelchair.

Now, Gracie is living her best life with her family, all thanks to Dylan. Without him, her mobility would be forever limited. The little boy sure made the most significant difference in her life by letting her walk again.

Great job, Dylan!

Source The Animal Rescue Site via YouTube



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