In the earlier part of October last year, a man came to Harris County Animal Shelter and surrendered a dog that was noted to be 20 years of age. At that wasn’t the surprising at all. The odd thing was, the man requested the shelter staff that they put the dog down.

But it wasn’t a dog severely suffering that the workers saw. Rather, it was one old and confused dog. One that doesn’t have any idea whether he’s done something wrong or the reason why suddenly, he’s away from home.


If there was a chance for Radar to survive, even the littlest one, he had to escape from the busy and noisy shelter. He needs to be surrounded with attention and care. And so the shelter volunteers pleaded on Facebook.

Harris County Animal Shelter shared in a Facebook post: “This little Ewok–looking teddy bear is Radar. It’s pretty easy to see that Radar is terrified, confused and wondering where anything familiar went.”

Little Radar’s painful and upsetting story spread very quickly. It reached one volunteer of the Animal Justice League, a non–profit organization based in the city of Houston in Texas. They aim to reduce the homeless pet population through outreach and rescue.

“We were holding our board meeting when we were tagged on the post,” explained Animal Justice League President Jennifer Graves. “Instantly and unanimously, we agreed that the senior pup should not stay any longer at the shelter. It was everyone’s stand that, if Radar will be crossing the rainbow bridge soon, he can’t be scared and alone in a shelter. But rather, in one home that has dignity.”

At the vet’s clinic where Radar was examined, it was revealed that he was about 5 to 8 years younger. His overgrown nails and matted fur suggested neglect. And under his brown fluffy fur was a feeble figure of an awfully undernourished dog.

But even with a dark past, the sweet dog still yearned for some familiar comfort. He sniffed around in search of a familiar scent. And when there’s nothing or no one he recognized, he’d pick one person to cuddle up with.

In Brandi Hendrix’s home, Radar didn’t seem to be bothered at all by his foster siblings. He gets all the love and care that he requires and feels great. “His head is always on my lap and he follows me around,” said Hendrix.

Photo Credits to Animal Justice League

And while it is uncertain if Radar can recover fully, the shelter promised to continue doing everything that they could to help him for possible adoption in the future. At the same time, everyone is hopeful that he’ll get to have a better second act in life.



  1. How could they do that to him? That’s one of the sweetest faces I’ve ever seen, poor little guy he’s so sad I love him. Prayers for Radar🐾💜🙏😊


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