Sara Carson married a fellow dog trainer John Devine in Las Vegas. On her wedding day, John suggested that she should take Hero to the dancefloor for a dance. Sara worried that her big wedding dress might get in the way, but they managed to perform perfectly.

It was a spur of the moment thing, so they did not plan nor practice for it. Nevertheless, the dance entertained the newlyweds’ family and friends. They were delighted to see Hero jumping and prancing with Sara to the song Footloose, which was a hit in the ’80s.

Sara Carson Devine is a celebrity dog trainer, and Hero, a Border Collie, is her beloved companion. Hero has been with Sara ever since she graduated from high school. He is a very serious, educated dog. He has the expression of an old gentleman.


Hero is also very energetic. He loves swimming and learning new tricks. He helps Sara in training the other dogs. He is very eager to learn and keen to please.

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When Hero was younger, he and Sara met David Letterman at his late-night show. Hero’s tricks have gotten impressive over the years. Sarah and Hero have joined America’s Got Talent and won fifth place.

Hero is more than just a performer. He has been Sara’s service dog since he was two years old. Sara has diabetes. Her condition causes her to faint without warning.

Hero always stays by her side so that he can alert her when her blood sugar is not normal. That is why Hero was also present at Sara’s wedding. He is actually watching out for her health.

Hero and Sara have a solid bond because they have been friends for a long time. Hero has been present at both her high school and college graduation. Hero’s presence at the wedding has made the occasion extra special for Sara. She is anticipating more memories with her beloved dog.

Source: Scary Mommy via YouTube



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