One fine day, Eldad from the Hope of Paws foundation received a call from a concerned citizen about a dog who was injured and left along the road. The caller was of good heart that when she saw the poor dog lying along the way, she immediately called for help.

When Eldad came to the rescue, he saw a small dog who is unable to move because of the injuries that she suffered. He immediately acted on the situation by talking to the poor dog so that the pup would not be scared. He assumed that the dog had a broken pelvis due to its inability to move.

He then slowly picked her up and ever so gently placed her in a warm blanket. Eldad knew that the poodle has been laying on the road for nearly 24 hours.


He immediately brought the poodle to safety and to the nearest vet to be given the needed treatment. While on their way for treatment, he named the dog Lady.

Upon initial examination in her pelvic area, Lady cried in pain. An X-ray examination then confirmed that Lady’s pelvis was broken. A surgery was then performed to treat and repair her pelvis.

After the surgery, Lady was put into recovery and was under the care of loving people. After recovering from the surgery, she was transferred to a foster home. It was only after a couple of weeks later, and she found a new home.

Now, Lady is a very active poodle who loves to play and go around like her broken pelvis did not occur. She is in a safer home, together with a loving family.

Eldad visits her as often as he can, and Lady surely remembers him. She would jump out of the front door during his visits and runs towards him. Lady has indeed fully recovered and is truly happy where she is now, thanks to a kind-hearted person who reported her situation, that led to her rescue.

Thank you to theanimalrescuesite for sharing this story.



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