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Craig Fields is known as the founder of the New York Bully Crew, a rescue group that specifically helps pitbulls. The team has saved plenty of pitbulls, and Craig said that one stood out among all of them.

Craig put together the rescue group because he said he could relate to them. People said that he was mean-looking, but he really is just a guy with a big heart.

One time, the rescue group was in New Jersey to look for dogs that were in need of help. They discovered two houses that were abandoned. When Craig went inside one, he heard a sound from the kitchen.


Craig found the source of the sound – it was a white pitbull kept inside a crate. The dog was very weak that it had difficulty standing up and was looking terrified. Craig instantly became worried about the dog, carried her, and took her as a foster. The team gave the dog the name Ayita.

As a foster parent to Ayita, Craig took a lot of photos of her and published them online. In a number of days, someone messaged him saying that Ayita may have MPS. Craig wasn’t sure what that was, so he did research.

As it turned out, Ayita may have MPS because she had deformities in her legs. She also had trouble metabolizing sugar.

When Craig realized this, he didn’t think any different of Ayita. In fact, he thought of her as a special dog. He even started to give her a life that she deserved that, soon enough, he adopted her.

The two became even closer. He would take Ayita on rescue missions because the team found her to have an inspiring and positive effect on them.

Ayita was also very happy most of the time, and that made Craig think that he should do that, too. Ayita gave Craig new eyes to look at the world, and he is forever thankful.

Source: The Dodo



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