Paul Kirhagis and Kim Kelderhouse are foster parents for abandoned or rescued dogs. They provide the dogs who enter their home with all of their needs, including love, before getting adopted.

They do great work that changes the lives of dogs.

Paul and Kim had a box with three puppies, clearly abandoned, and the mom was nowhere to be found. The puppies were thin and covered with fleas. The couple took care of the puppies by setting up a makeshift incubator, and they bottle-fed them every hour for the puppies to survive.


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The puppies were in an awful condition that Paul and Kim didn’t think the puppies will survive despite all their work.

Shortly after getting the puppies, another dog was assigned to Paul and Kim to foster. This time, it was an adult female dog that was hit by a car.

Named as Jersey Girl, her injuries were so bad that she couldn’t walk and needed Paul or Kim to carry her around the house. They also found, Jersey Girl, lactating and had puppies that were nowhere to be found.

Jersey Girl appeared depressed, and she wouldn’t even eat when Paul and Kim tried to feed her. Jersey Girl didn’t want to move, and Paul stated that the dog just wanted to die.

They thought that the loss of her puppies caused the depression as well as getting injured. Paul and Kim had an idea.

They slowly introduced the three puppies in their care to Jersey Girl.

To their surprise, Jersey Girl’s face lit up, and her tail started to wag, clearly pleased and happy to see and meet the puppies.

From that moment on, Jersey Girl adopted the puppies as her own. She even fed the puppies with her milk.

Jersey Girl started eating again and found purpose in her life. The great thing about this story is how the puppies and Jersey Girl saved each other. Jersey fed and nursed the puppies, and the puppies gave Jersey Girl purpose.

Here’s a video that shows how the dogs saved each other.

Video source The Dodo via YouTube




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