There’s always a good thing waiting to happen when you have friends. Some friends may look like opposites on the outside, but what matters is what’s on the inside.

Unlikely friendship

Take this dachshund and his unlikely friend, a duckling. They couldn’t be more different, but their apparent fondness for each other is heartwarming.

Who wouldn’t want a friendship like theirs? It’s even more commendable when we realized that they have more outward differences than similarities, but it’s safe to say they have the same heart.


It’s adorable and sweet for this dachshund to behave as the protector of his less-muscled friend. Perhaps these two find comfort in each other’s strengths.

Maybe the dog wants to spend more time in the water, which the duckling thrives in. It’s practically second nature to the duckling to live in watery surroundings.

The little duck was hatched and grown in an incubator, and the pup watched its friend gradually grow from its tiny form to a waddling, spirited creature.

Whatever the pup and duckling saw in each other, it was enough for both of them to disregard all those physical differences and just go with it.

Strong Bond

We wish we had an abundance of this kind of friendship. If we did, we’re willing to bet that there wouldn’t be a single, lonely soul on the planet.

Fortunately, it isn’t too hard to do, based on this duo’s unlikely friendship. We can still make it happen and just get right to it.

There’s a couple of things we’ve noticed that make this friendship work. First is acceptance. This doggo knew that the little duck couldn’t do all he could, but he accepted it anyway.

The second one is silent communication. These two are so in tune with each other that they don’t speak; they show.

Cheers to more epic adventures, duckling and pup!

Photo and video credits to LouLou & Friends via YouTube



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