The singer Billie Eilish called her Grammy-winning debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? It’s not the best album title in the history of pop music. But it’s nonetheless an interesting question to ask.

It’s a question that’s been asked by scientists and psychologists. These experts have long delved into what constitutes a dream. The most popular answer is that it’s comprised of our subconscious thoughts and repressed emotions.

It can then be deduced that when we fall asleep, we go back to ourselves, far from the restrictive rules of society. That’s a rather neat way to put it. It is an answer we could get behind.


Now the more pressing question remains. If we humans go back to ourselves when we fall asleep and dream, where do our beloved dogs go when they do the same? For reference, let’s watch this video.

In this video, we have a fluffy husky named K’eyush. His YouTube handle bills him as a stunt dog. From that, we assume that this doggo has a rather exciting lifestyle.

His exciting lifestyle is probably to be credited for K’eyush’s sleeping habits. As we can see from the video, this dog actively dreams in his sleep. His dreams must be too vivid that he can’t help but sleeptalk.

We can’t be sure what K’eyush is dreaming of. But we can definitely make some not-so-wild guesses. For sure, K’eyush is dreaming of beautiful things.

That is because if we follow the same logic for dream interpretation as used for humans, then we’ll arrive at the conclusion that dogs probably don’t get bad dreams. Why? Because doggos only have happy thoughts.

Also, doggos have no repressed emotions. They are transparent as water and with hearts as light as a feather.

Thanks to K’eyush The Stunt Dog



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