Third wheeling’s not bad, especially if you love both the hoomans you’re out on a date with. This incredibly cute puppy sure adored his parents, so he wasn’t gonna let them embarrass themselves in public like that.

Norbert is a curly-haired, white puppy who likes to eat, sleep, play, and be with his doting owners. They must have the best treats for their little furball on top of giving tons of love, so the relationship’s pretty solid.


On this day, the three were out on a date; the photo above is proof that Norbert’s parents adored each other. That being said, we all know things could get physical with lovebirds on a date.

Norbert’s parents leaned in to kiss, but the furball was having none of that. His behavior amused his parents, so they decided to tease the doggy a little more.

They tried to kiss again, but the adorable pup sprang into action and got in between his parents. The pup’s reaction said, “No public display of affection, please; kiss me instead!”

Mom couldn’t help but laugh in delight as dad tried to steal another kiss. Again, the dog put his body in between the two lovebirds, effectively blocking their lips from touching.

Norbert switched tactics and decided to shower his dad instead with generous smooches and licks. The message was clear; include him in the kissy part or don’t kiss at all.

This amused Norbert’s parents further, so they attempted more kisses, which the doggo prevented. His adorable face and those generous licks he gave tickled his parents’ pink.

They enjoyed the prank while poor Norbert stuck to his game; if parents leaned in to kiss, stop them. We bet he thought twice about this third-wheeling business, but he never lost his enthusiasm.

Norbert’s parents finally “understood” what the doggo wanted, so the pet settled down. Don’t worry, pup, you’re still their number one!

Photo and video credits to Norbert via YouTube



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