The bond between human and canine can be very strong. In the case of a police dog and its handler, that bond and trust must be strong.

This is certainly the case with Finn and his handler, Dave. Finn is a German Shepherd and was Dave’s K-9 companion during their tour on the police force.

Finn and Dave recently auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and their performance was amazing.  The audience was astonished at what they witnessed.


Not only was the audience astounded but so were the judges. Finn and Dave performed some magic which highlighted the bond they share.

There was, however, much more to this audition than just performing. Dave shared some memories of Finn and him during their time on the police force.

There was not a dry eye in the room when Dave told his story of how Finn almost lost his life in 2016 when a suspect stabbed Finn in the head and chest.

Finn did not let go of the suspect until he was apprehended.  This video also reveals some wise words from an emotional Simon.

After recovering from his injuries and regaining his strength, Finn did return to the police force eleven weeks later continuing the job he was trained to do and he did not miss a beat.

Finn and Dave retired in March 2017. Finn has since become the face of a campaign in the United Kingdom called Finn’s Law.

Finn’s Law is designed to provide protection for service animals. An extension to that would be harsher penalties for cruelty to all service animals.

This means that a person can be sentenced to prison time for injuring a police dog in the line of duty just as a criminal can be for injuring a police officer.  It also prevents one who attacks a service animal from claiming self-defense.

After 3 years of campaigning, the bill passed in April 2019.

As we all know, dogs are more than just companions for us. They are a valuable asset to the armed forces, police, as well as providing support to the disabled and those with mental and physical illnesses.

Service dogs (and even our own dogs) put their lives on the line for us every day.  And for that, they deserve the utmost respect and gratitude.

Please watch the video below to see this amazing dog!

Video courtesy of Got Talent Around the World.



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