The first time Ghost was seen, she was wandering in someone’s yard in the western Michigan area. Although she was all by herself, no one knew exactly whether she’s been abandoned or just lost. But peeking at the sweet dog’s collar disclosed the saddening truth that led Ghost to where she was found.

Hoping to find an identification tag, the good neighbor went to check on Ghost. But instead of an ID tag, it was a sad and unfortunate note that has been found. And on it, the note was written by Ghost’s previous owner.

As it was, the dog was not loose on the streets because of malice or cruelty. Instead, she was let go because of a misguided deed of kindness, a decision from someone who went through medical challenges.


The note read; “I am lost and looking for a home. My owner has a stroke and cannot care for me. Please don’t take me to a shelter. I am a purebred coon hound. 6 months old. Please find home.”

After realizing what was on the note, Luvnpupz was immediately notified. The group rescues and helps rehome animals in need. So when Luvnpupz President and Founder Carri Shipaila learned of the situation, she knew it wasn’t a usual abandonment case.

“At first, I was appalled and taken aback. But when I read the note and saw how it was secured to avoid getting wet, I realized there was something more,’ said Shipaila.

In no time, Ghost has been placed in a loving foster family. Meanwhile, Shipaila appealed to the public in helping her find Ghost’s owner. But the goal is not to apprehend or shame, rather, to offer assistance in re-establishing the life Ghost and her owner had known.

Shipaila believed that to show how much the dog was cared for and loved, letting Ghost set loose was the owner’s only option. “This has to be viewed with compassion instead of anger or disrespect.”

Photo Credits to Luvnpupz

At the moment, Ghost is more than comfortable and happy with her foster family. And while Shipaila hopes for a reunion, Ghost will be up for adoption in case things don’t get straightened up.



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