A blind dog named Meher used to have a family to call her own. At first, they were concerned about her condition, so they sought the help of the Bombay Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA), hoping that doctors could restore the canine’s vision through eye implants.

But when Meher’s family learned it wasn’t possible, they abandoned the dog at the hospital. That’s where Vinita Kalgutkar, an animal rights activist, first saw the canine.

Vini noticed that Meher was blind, so she decided to help the pooch, knowing that Meher would have a harder time finding an adopter due to her condition. However, when she returned to the BSPCA a few days later, the dog was gone.


As it turned out, the hospital staff returned Meher to her old neighborhood in Mumbai. Vini eventually found the pooch, but she was in much worse shape.

Meher was dehydrated and hungry after several days of wandering the streets. Ticks and fleas also crawled all over her fur.

Thankfully, Vini was determined to give Meher a chance at a better life, so she didn’t give up on the dog. She nursed Meher back to health and sent her to a foster home where she could wait for her forever home in comfort.

Soon, Vini’s social media post featuring the blind canine attracted the attention of Pete and Jill Petrilli, a couple from Dulles, Virginia. Within minutes of looking at Meher’s photos, the couple knew that they wanted to adopt the dog.

While Vini was happy that someone expressed an interest in Meher, she was unwilling to hand the canine over just like that. Fortunately, the animal advocate knew a volunteer named Ashraf Hussain living in Northern Virginia, and he offered to get to know Pete and Jill better.

After a visit to the couple’s home, Ashraf confirmed that they are more than capable of giving Meher the pampered life that she deserves. Her mind now at ease, Vini arranged the canine’s transportation to the US via Furry Flyers, a pet relocation company based in Mumbai.

Meher’s forever parents happily report that the smart pooch was able to memorize the layout of her new home within 48 hours. She even quickly learned to navigate the stairs by herself!

Pete and Jill share that although they already have two other dogs, Meher brought a different kind of light into their lives. Indeed, the sightless canine radiates so much joy that one can’t help but smile in her presence.

Neither her lack of vision nor her painful past in Mumbai dampened the sweet pooch’s resilient spirit, and now she’s spreading happiness everywhere she goes. Watch Meher hitching a ride on Pete’s shoulder in the video below:

Source: meher_from_mumbai on Instagram



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