Amos is a blind Staffie who spent all his life in rescue centers. A rescue volunteer, Jess Martin, decided to take Amos home and introduced the blind dog to Toby, her border terrier. Now, the two dogs have become inseparable, and Amos is living a beautiful life with his new family.

Amos, the blind Staffie

Jess Martin is a dog lover and a rescue volunteer. During one of her volunteering stints, she met Amos, a Staffordshire. Jess learned that the dog was born blind and never experienced living with a family. Due to Amos’ blindness, he will have a hard time getting adopted. Something tugged at Jess’ heartstrings and decided to foster Amos in her home.


One of Jess’ main concerns about taking Amos home is how her nine-year-old terrier, Toby, would react. Jess and Toby have been living together for a long time, and they are each other’s best friends.

Toby Meets Amos

Amos struggled in his first few days living in Jess’ home. He would sometimes bump into walls and find simple tasks like locating his water bowl very challenging. The blind dog was wary of many things, such as the sound of the TV and the feel of carpet under his paws.

Also, Toby wasn’t very keen on the newcomer right away. Since Amos always lived in a kennel, he didn’t know how to socialize with other dogs. But Jess gave them time to get to know each other, and in a matter of days, Toby and Amos got along very nicely.

Thankfully, Toby was there to guide and support Amos. When Toby senses that Amos needs a drink, he will nudge the blind Staffie to the location of his water bowl. Toby would always stay as close with Amos as possible so that he can be there whenever the blind pooch needs a helping paw. Toby has become Amos’ constant source of support and comfort.

Over time, Toby and Amos’ relationship bloomed into something deeper and more meaningful. They have become constant companions and best friends. Toby would guide Amos when they go hiking, ensuring that the blind dog doesn’t go astray from their trail.

Amos’ life took a positive turn since he met Jess and Toby. He may be blind, but his heart can see how much his new family loves him, and he loves them back just as much.

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