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Huxley, an adorable puppy, was flying with his fur parent from London to Ibiza for the first time. Since it was a long flight, Huxley got very bored. According to Ursula Daphne Aitchison, Huxley’s mom, he was seated next to her. Huxley became bored when Aitchison wasn’t paying attention to him.

The cute dog decided to come up with his own form of entertainment. He abandoned his mom and sat next to a passenger in front of them. The man welcomed his furry seatmate. Huxley ignored his mom and enjoyed his new seatmate’s company. A few moments later, something caught his attention.

His mom opened up a snack. When he heard his mom munch on the snack, his mood changed. He wanted some as well, so he tried his luck by sticking his head between the seats. Unfortunately, his technique didn’t work. His seatmate saw what Huxley did, and he couldn’t stop laughing.


Huxley was also making faces. He would stick his tongue out or show his teeth. The silly faces Huxley made proved he was the cutest furry passenger. Aitchison decided to post Huxley’s funny photos to Facebook, and he instantly became famous. Despite too many failed attempts to reach for his mom’s snack, Huxley continued to entertain his mom and other passengers.

He eventually got bored with his crazy antics, and he decided to go back to interacting with everyone on the plane. Aitchison said that many passengers were taking selfies with Huxley. He never failed to make lots of passengers laugh. Even the man next to Aitchison asked her to take his photo so his daughter could see how adorable Huxley was.

While it was a long flight, it went by so fast because Huxley managed to entertain his fellow passengers. Huxley knew how to beat boredom, and not only did he entertain himself but the entire passengers as well.

Here’s a video of Huxley’s funny moment:

Video Source: Stories of Animals via YouTube



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