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When construction workers heard a puppy cry for help, they immediately searched where the tiny cries came from. They thought the puppy was trapped in the site’s debris, but when they searched for him, they realized that the puppy was flying above their heads. The terrified puppy was in a hawk’s grasp. A few seconds later, the hawk let go of the tiny chihuahua.

He fell through the air, and the construction workers immediately brought the wounded puppy to the Austin Animal Center. He had to be examined to find out if he was severely injured. Even though he was still scared when he was brought to the center, his wounds were superficial.

The hawk’s talons caused his wounds. They had no idea whether he was born a stray or whether he had a home. The animal center searched for puppy’s owner, but nobody came to pick him up. Renee Keyes became his foster mom and he named him Tony.


At first, he was whining when he came in but was able to adjust to his new environment as days went by. The next morning, he started wagging his tail and giving kisses to the Keyes family. Renee nursed him back to health, and while he was recovering, Renee’s son thought about giving him a new name. From Tony, he was renamed, Tony Hawk.

For such a brave puppy, the name was perfect for him. The animal center received more than 100 adoption applications when Tony’s story went viral. Many people were interested in giving him a forever home. It was hard for the animal center to decide with all the applications coming their way.

However, one potential adopter stood out as she lost her own puppy in November. Georgia Bramhall, the owner of Honeycomb Hair Boutique in Austin, Texas, didn’t know what happened to his furry friend after he disappeared without a trace. When she learned about Tony’s story, she immediately fell in love with him.

They were meant for each as their connection was instant. Bramhall was happy to welcome Tony into his new home.

Posted by Tee Cee on Sunday, January 27, 2019

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