If you have a thing for holiday miracles, then you’ve come to the right place. This is the perfect story to start your 2020.

A family in Milwaukee received the best gift last Christmas. The gift was delivered by a bus driver whose only goal at the time was to help the two canines find their way home. Little did the bus driver know that her small act of kindness would mean the world to the family who lost their dogs just a few days before Christmas.

A Christmas adventure

The four-legged pals decided to set off on an adventure one beautiful Christmas morning. They made their way out of the yard and wandered about. The family panicked the moment they realized that their pets disappeared. They spent the whole night trying to find their fur babies, but both could not be found.


That same day, just as the clock was about to strike 12, Jamie Grabowski was about to end her shift. She was making her way back to the garage at the Milwaukee County Transit System when something caught her eye. Grabowski saw two dogs running by the roadside, obviously trying to figure out which way was home.

It was a freezing 20 degrees then and Grabwoski could not find it in her to leave the dogs out in the cold. She opened the bus doors and invited the adventurous pals inside. The two canines hopped inside the bus immediately.

The ride home

Grabowski asked the authorities to help her find the dogs’ owners. She dropped the pups off at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, where they were reunited with their family. It was a wonderful reunion, and both parties had Grabowski to thank. To know more about the story, watch the video below:

Credits to RideMCTS



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