Dogs have a huge space in their tiny hearts for humans. These furry beings look up to our kind and see us as their world. Just imagine how heartbroken they get when the people they live for hurt them and abandon them.

Hope for Chula

Chula, a ten-year-old Chihuahua, was walked out on by her owner. He traded her in for a dog that was much younger than her. She was so crushed that she became so scared of being around humans. This landed her on the list of dogs that were candidates for euthanasia.


Trio Animal Foundation found Chula in an open shelter. They saw fear and sadness in her eyes, so they wanted to do whatever they could to save her. The volunteers sensed that Chula did not live a comfortable life, and they wanted to give her a shot at experiencing a life well lived.

Learning to love and trust again

From the get-go, TAF knew that Chula needed to be in the company of dogs. She was so uneasy with humans, and the only way to help her transition was to make sure she had other dogs with her. They placed her under the care of foster parents, who also had three rehabilitation dogs. Chula became fond of her three furry friends.

Her foster parents took Chula to the vet to get complete X-rays, medicine, and blood tests. She went through surgery to have her teeth repaired. The senior dog was also spayed. They made sure that she felt loved and cared for while she was healing from her horrible past.

Chula found her forever home after three months under the care of her foster parents. A couple learned about Chula’s story and decided they can give her the home she deserves. She now lives with them plus three other dogs she now considers her family.

Credits to Trio Animal Foundation



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