Corgis are typically playful dogs with bold personalities, often called little troublemakers that you couldn’t help but laugh at and delight in. Bred initially as cattle-herding dogs, Corgis are far from your mopey and lazy pups. They can be fiercely independent and can even sometimes become a bit bossy because of their outgoing personality.

One particular Corgi was known for her bossy attitude, especially around other dogs while playing at the local dog park. Luna may be smaller than her other buddies in the park, but she had what they called a “big dog attitude.” Because of her natural herding instinct inherent to her breed, this fearless pup loved policing her fellow dogs around.


Luna’s bravery was somewhat put to the test when she encountered a topiary designed to resemble a gigantic Corgi.

Matt, Luna’s dad, brought the adorable pup along when they visited one of their friends. That was where they spotted the enormous Corgi-like topiary which adorned a neighbor’s front yard. Matt couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the Corgi-shaped structure, instantly finding it hilarious and incredibly fascinating.

Matt placed his beloved Luna in front of the colossal hedge and took a quick photo as a point of comparison. However, Luna wasn’t having any of it. She was not amused and disinterested in the large dog-like plant her owner was laughing at.

Luna’s facial expression said it all. Her face expressed her confusion and annoyance, with her body stiffening as she stood immobile on that yard. Poor Luna!

Her photo with the humungous hedge went viral as expected. People were amazed at how the topiary looked precisely like a Corgi while being amused by Luna’s displeased reaction at the same time. Regardless of her sudden popularity online, Luna still didn’t care much for that large scary-looking plant.

Matt empathized with his pup’s feelings and decided to avoid that bush from that point on.

Photos courtesy of Lelunaberry via Instagram



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