As kids, we love to play games with our family and friends. And, among these games, the staring contest’s the most popular. The rules are pretty simple – stare at your opponent for as long as you can, the first one who blinks fails the challenge.

However, it looks like a particularly clever canine made use of the game to his advantage. Since Mom won’t play with him anymore, the pooch pleads his case through gazing nonstop at Mom’s eyes.

Mom, please play with me.

In this hilarious short video clip, two figures sitting in front of each other. One of the character’s an adorable Doberman named Dobby, while the woman in front of Dobby is his fur mom.


At first glance, it looks like Mom and Dobby hold a conversation of some sort. However, as you look further into the video, you’ll eventually realize the real score between the two.

It turns out; Dobby enjoyed playing fetch with Mom for the entire afternoon. However, Mom probably grew tired of throwing various objects at the pooch, which ultimately dismayed Dobby. As such, Dobby decides to plead for Mom to continue playing with him.

I won’t stop staring at you.

Unlike other dogs who throw a ruckus when their fur parents stop playing with them, Dobby does the opposite. Instead of yapping at Mom, Dobby chooses to go the quiet route.

Without further ado, Dobby starts staring directly into Mom’s eyes to beg her to continue playing with him silently. However, Dobby needs to put in more effort as Mom’s pretty adamant not to give in to his whims.

The hilarious scenario continued, with neither Mom nor Dobby refusing to buckle from the pressure. But, who do you think emerged victorious? You’ll only find out if you watch the entire video until the last second.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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