The San Bernardino County Fire Department in California received a rather unusual call one afternoon.

The firefighters’ help was needed to extract a dog and his friend, a tortoise – the two animals were stuck in a six-foot tunnel under their owner’s backyard.

The 70-pound tortoise, named Godzilla, dug the tunnel, using it as her hibernation spot in the winter. The shaft was quite deep, extending from their backyard to another property next door.


For some reason, her yard buddy Taylor, a German Shepherd, decided to join her in the tunnel one day.

It would already have been a tight fit with the two animals, but what made matters worse was the blanket Taylor brought with him when he jumped in.

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Perhaps the dog was attempting to play with the tortoise in the tunnel, causing the blanket to tangle around both of them and jam them in, preventing escape.

The dog and tortoise’s owner saw them struggling to get out, so of course, he decided to help them, going headfirst into the tunnel without hesitation. Shortly afterward, however, he realized he made a huge mistake—now he was trapped as well!

Fortunately for the owner, he was able to extricate himself eventually. When the firefighters arrived, only the dog and the tortoise needed rescuing.

The firefighters widened the hole by shoveling dirt away from the animals, but they did have to coax the tortoise to move because she was blocking the German Shepherd’s way.

They did it by offering her a fresh piece of lettuce, her favorite treat. She lumbered toward the lettuce, freeing herself and her canine buddy from the tunnel.

Both Taylor and Godzilla didn’t appear to have sustained injuries. The owner says he’s relieved as he considers the two a part of the family.

Watch firefighters rescuing Taylor and Godzilla in the video below:

Source: Inside Edition via YouTube

Thanks to The Bark and KTLA for featuring this story.



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