When it comes to house rules, some mischievous dogs just can’t help but disobey. They either break or bend the rules, especially when they think they can get away with it or when they think their human parents aren’t looking.

Take, for example, Shelby. The dog and her siblings were playing in the bedroom. However, while Shelby played on the bed, the other dogs stayed on the floor. This is because the bed was off limits, and they knew it.

Shelby knew it, too, but she decided she would go up there and play. She jumped on the bed, rolled on it, and rubbed her entire body and head on the sheets. She totally enjoyed the soft mattress that she couldn’t stop jumping on it.


From time to time, Shelby would stop and look out the window next to the bed as if watching out or waiting for something. Then she would resume her playtime, rolling on the bed once more and rubbing her back, the side of her body, and her head on the pillows and the now crumpled sheets.

And even though no other dog joined her on her “playground,” Shelby was quite contented playing there on her own. She looked like she was having the time of her life, grabbing the opportunity to take delight in the forbidden mattress.

“Finally, the bed is mine! It’s all mine!” the dog probably thought. No one would know she broke the house rule to stay away from the bed. After all, her human parents were away—or so she thought.

The naughty dog was caught by surprise when her human suddenly appeared at the door and went straight toward her. Lying on the bed, Shelby had no time to escape. She lay still for a second, and then she covered her eyes with her paw.

Guilty as she may be, this dog sure knows how to stay cute. Watch her hilarious reaction in the video below.

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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