We always see dogs and cats as mortal enemies. But Baloo and Henry have a very different type of relationship. They treat each other as a family.

Cynthia Bennett and her beau are avid hikers. They decided to adopt Henry in 2014. Initially, they planned to pick up a Golden Retriever. But, she saw Henry at an event for adoption.

At that time, Henry was only 14 weeks old. He was already five times larger compared to the other pups his age. When Bennett entered inside Henry’s pen, he came up to her and curled up to her lap. Henry was flipping his head on Bennett’s arms like he wants to cuddle.



Bennett immediately fell in love with him. She knew that Henry was the one for her. She was so excited to take him on hiking.

She first took him for a hike when Henry was just three days in her care. He is up for any type of adventure as long as he is with his mom. After a few months, Bennett and her beau added another member to the family.

Bennett has always wanted to have a rescue cat. After months and months of searching, she found a cute Siamese cat named Baloo. She introduced Baloo to Henry, and they both fell in love with each other.


Baloo started to join the pack in hiking and other trips. Bennett can see how much Baloo loves traveling with them, especially with Henry. Both of them are always enjoying each other’s company.

Whenever Baloo gets sad, Bennett would put him on top of Henry, and he’ll just pass out, said Bennett. He feels safe with Henry. And Henry makes sure to comfort him all the time. Henry is Baloo’s safety net. They look very adorable together, especially in their photos.

Credit: Henry + Baloo



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