Valentin, now 13 years old, was only a young puppy when he joined his family living in Argentina. Since then, he has become so attached to them. They shower him with so much love and affection and make him feel safe all the time.

“He’s very sweet and very caring,” said Valentin’s mom, Juli Alexakis. “He loves having people around and cuddling with everybody. He has picked up on everyone’s schedules and he will at the door in time to greet us.”

When he was only 8, Valentin’s family bought him a few new blankets, which immediately became his most favorite and treasured possessions. Most of the time, he was observed to be laying on them. And because of this, his family thought of what began as a cool joke but ended up to be one bright idea – they started to roll the dog up inside his blankets, covering him up like a burrito.

Cozy in a wrap, Valentin had started to fall asleep rolled up in his blankets. So cozy that it’s now a nightly routine. Each night, he gets wrapped up and tucked in his doggy bed. And until morning comes, he stays that way.

Recently, Valentin has begun to bring to bed the stuffed animal his family bought him, too. “We got the orange fox about 2 years ago when we went for a trip in the U.S. He takes the toy to the garden and everywhere he goes,” said Alexakis.

It has been a nightly routine to tuck Valentin and his favorite stuffed animal in bed. But sometimes, they also tend to forget. “When we forget, he goes upstairs. He sleeps beside me or inside one of the other rooms.”

Photo Credits to Julia Alexakis via The Dodo

It appears that the blanket not just comforts Valentin. It also keeps him feel safe, the same way that a hug does. So when his family fails to wrap him up sometimes, he comes to them to feel safe.


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