With no takers after her master was murdered five years agoTreya was living under hellish conditions. Through the kindness of neighbors, she was able to survive the ordeal. 

For shelter, Treya was housed under a deck and chained all alone. She was given food to keep her alive and hay to protect her from the cold climate. 

They could not free her of the chains when it tightly wound around her paw. She was in pain, and in desperation, she chewed her right paw to get free of the chains and the agony. Treya is an amputee not by choice but dictated by circumstance. 


It was the firefighter boyfriend of Dena Kehm Pedrotti who saw the dog and went back for her. She actually posted about it on Facebook. When her boyfriend saw the dog, he called the Stray Rescue right away.

Photo credit: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

 One of their experienced rescuers named Donna replied to the call, and according to her, it wasn’t easy to rescue the dog as she was scared of humans. She believed that it was caused by her lack of socialization after being isolated in her world. 

Treya was taken to the Stray Rescue facility where they promptly diagnosed and looked at her wellbeing. Aside from her missing foot, it was found out that the dog had heartworm and flea infestation as well. 

Treya was suffering from a lot of illnesses that needed treatment. The trauma made her nervous and anxious. 

To help her recover, Little Pinky, a stray, was introduced. She sprung back to life during the meetup realizing that she has a companion and will never be alone. Her tail wagged and she was in a playful mood. With her new friend, she is on the way to recovery. 

 Treya is now happily living with the family of Joseph Schnell and dog Stella. A nice ending to a sad dog story. 

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis Official on Youtube




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