Want to eat your burger and fries at a fast food restaurant while keeping your calorie consumption down? This man discovered a way to do just that.

The owner of a golden retriever named Bailey went to McDonald’s to enjoy a good, old fast food meal: a large burger, a serving of cheesy bacon fries, and a tall glass of drink. He took his curious dog with him.

As he started eating, the golden retriever sat beside him. The pup sniffed at the food, hoping to get a bite of the tasty treat in front of him.


His human dad reached for some fries, and as he was about to eat it, Bailey grabbed it with his mouth. The dog loved the taste of fries smothered with melted cheese, and he wanted more.

However, dad wanted to eat, too. Using his other hand, which was farther from Bailey, dad took some fries and ate.

The restless Bailey, who probably couldn’t resist the smell of the food, attempted to lunge at the cheesy bacon fries several times. Every time dad stopped him, he dutifully obeyed and kept his distance … for a few seconds, and he tried again.

Dad fed Bailey some fries now and then, and Bailey visibly enjoyed the treat. When dad started eating his burger, the dog wanted a piece, too. He kept trying to reach for the juicy sandwich until dad cut off a small piece and handed it to him.

Bailey’s human dad went back to eating fries, but each time he tried to eat one, Bailey beat him to it, grabbing the yummy piece of potato with his mouth. The golden retriever obviously loved his fries.

So you want to know the secret to reducing your calorie consumption at a fast food restaurant? Bring your hungry dog with you. He might end up eating half of your meal.

Source: Funny Dog Bailey via YouTube



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