When people come across a stray dog barking and making a scene, people usually avoid getting close to the dog as it may be aggressive and may attack. And, people would call animal control officers or the police to help in capturing the seemingly aggressive dog.

A pit bull named Sadie did just that one afternoon in the middle of Tuckahoe, New York. Locals were concerned about the potentially aggressive dog and called the police for help. When the police arrived, they saw the dog continued barking and making a lot of noise.

When police tried to catch Sadie, she avoided them and started running home. However, the police saw Sadie looking back at them as if to say that she wants them to follow her. The police were curious enough about the dog and followed her to her home.


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When they reached Sadie’s home, they saw how Sadie escaped by forcing open the sliding door at the back of the house. At first, the police officers thought that Sadie was being a bad dog. When they went near the house, they smelled something that made them worry and immediately called for assistance from the fire department.

Further investigation found that there was a gas leak in the basement of Sadie’s home. It was then the authorities realized that Sadie wanted to ask people for help. She knew that the gas leak could potentially harm her family and went out to town to look for help.

Sadie’s owner, Serena Costello was at work at that time, and nobody else was in her house. Her friend and neighbor called her that police and firefighters were in her home. Worried, she rushed to her home and knew how her dog, Sadie saved their lives.

The gas leak could’ve caused a gas explosion. A small electric spark or an open flame nearby could’ve resulted in disaster. Thanks to Sadie, Serena, and her daughter are safe.

Here’s a video telling the complete story of how Sadie saved her home and her family from a potential disaster. Sadie is definitely a hero in this story. If it weren’t for this pit bull, it would’ve potentially been a different story.

Video Source Eyewitness News ABC7NY via YouTube



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