The first time a baby learns to walk is a remarkable moment for parents. This moment is the time when he learns to feel the roughness of the Earth and discovers a lot of things through his senses.

During this stage, parents feel proud as to the first milestone which their baby was able to overcome. In this article, you will be able to learn about a dad who recorded his baby’s first attempt to crawl all by herself. Luckily, the dad was able to capture the rare moments of his baby with their family dog who became the motivating factor for the baby to do her first crawl steps.

In the video, the baby saw the friendly face of their family dog, and she wants to go near it. This motivated her to try her best to be able to move towards the friendly pup. Fortunately, the dog acknowledged the efforts of the baby and did not move until she reaches his current position.


The moment the toddler reached her desired point, she got a friendly kiss from the dog as her reward.

Watch the touching video below.


Source: Youtube via Chea Kok Hong

Our thoughts

It is a known knowledge that dogs have an intuitive way of thinking and acting. Their parental instincts can level to a human parent who shows unconditional love and support to his young ones.

However, all these come back to the kind of relationship established between the owners and their dogs. If they feel that they are in a friendly environment and treated with respect and love, there is no doubt that they will reciprocate the same feeling towards its owners. Thus, make your dog feel like they are your family, and you can expect that they make you feel the same way.

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