August was a big month for Nicole and Seth Funden. It was the time when the couple tied the knot in a ceremony that was done in Washington State. Some of the couple’s closest people joined them in their celebration, including a guest who made the event even more special. Her name is Eva.

Eva is Nicole and Seth’s beloved dog, whom they treat as a family. According to Selena Mercedes, one of their wedding guests, the couple spends a lot of time with their pup and takes her wherever they go. So, it did not surprise the guests that Eva was also invited on their big day.

However, what everyone did not expect was Eva’s sweet gesture. She proved to all of them that whatever Nicole and Seth were starting to form that day, she is very much part of it.


Newlyweds, dog share first dance

THIS IS ADORABLE! Typically, a newlywed's first dance is reserverd only for the bride and groom. But when Seth and Nicole Funden hit the dance floor they were joined by their fur baby, Eva. 👰🐶🤵 DETAILS: Selena Mercedes

Posted by FOX 29 on Friday, August 23, 2019


Like every other wedding celebration, the newlyweds did their first dance as a couple in front of their guests. However, while Nicole and Seth were dancing sweetly, Eva spontaneously joined them. The couple held the pup by her front paws, and the three of them shared the stage for a couple of minutes.

Eva was evidently happy. She was seen wiggling her tail until she decided to let her mom and dad finish the dance on their own. Selena said that what they witnessed was nothing but the sweetest. She did not expect that to happen. This brought her to tears.

With that sweet dance, it made even more apparent to everyone that they are a family. This made the already special event even more unforgettable, not just for Nicole and Seth, but also for all those who witnessed their love. Now that the couple is starting a lifetime of love, Eva will surely be there, making every day better.

Credit: FOX 29



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