Road workers heard a barking sound while they were collecting junk along the road of Dutchess County, New York. The group was shocked to hear a barking dog because the place was quite deserted. They followed the barking sound and discovered a poor pooch tied to a tree.

The road workers felt sorry for the dog who was abandoned in the woods. No one could have spotted him there. Good thing, the workers heard him.

The pooch looked so thankful when he saw the group of road workers. He greeted them with a wide, grateful smile. It’s as if he felt so relieved that someone will finally save him.


According to Lynn Meloccaro, the Dutchess County SPCA Executive director, the pooch was so excited and glad to see people. He had been standing under the heat of the scorching sun for quite some time before rescuers found him. It’s clear that he wants to live.

The road workers contacted the New York State Police for help. The pooch was then transferred to the Dutchess County SPCA. The staff got heartbroken after hearing the pup’s story before he was rescued. They couldn’t understand how someone can just abandon an adorable dog in the middle of nowhere.

The staff at the Dutchess County SPCA decided to name the pooch, Pesci. They were happy to see how the pup still looked excited and happy around people despite what he’s been through.

Meloccaro added that Pesci is a sweet pup. The pooch likes being around people, and he loves getting cuddles from everyone.

Pesci was dehydrated after the incident, but aside from that, he’s surprisingly healthy. Today, he’s enjoying his time being around his rescuers. He loves getting all the attention that he’s getting now. Meanwhile, the police are running an investigation to determine who abandoned poor Pesci on the road.

Good thing, Pesci is now in good hands. He’s well-taken care of at the shelter. The staff also mentioned that Pesci would soon be up for adoption.

Thank you to Patrick Harden for sharing this wonderful news.



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