It’s another prank! Today, a Chocolate Brown Labrador named “Bear” swapped seats with his owner, Daws, at the drive-thru.

The Battle Plan: Daws orders stuff on the drive-thru. Once he received his orders, he would ask the staff for something extra, say, a tall jug of water. This will keep the crewmember preoccupied for a good one or two minutes before they realize that Daws is gone and Bear would take his place at the wheel. The results were hilarious!

First stop: Burger King. Daws ordered the usual and proceeded to the window to receive it. Once complete, he asked for a tall cup of water. The staff happily obliged and prepared the drink for him. Little did he know that a switch was happening in the car outside. When he was about to hand Daws his cup, he sees the Labrador instead, looking out the window from the driver’s seat. He laughs nervously at first but was unsure of what to do, so he kept on handing the water to the dog! Like the dog can just reach out and grab it! Here, doggy, have some water ho ho ho!


Not yet done, Daws headed off to his next pit stop: McDonald’s. Daws received his meal to-go and turned back to the nice lady at the drive-thru, “I think I ordered fries.”

“What size?” the lady asked.

“Medium,” he said. He could’ve said Large, but perhaps Daws doesn’t want to wait that long.

The lady opened the drive-thru window and almost handed the paper bag right smack into the Labrador’s face! Haha. “Woah!” she said.

Now, Daws was a huge guy. People mistake him for Klay Thompson. He’s that big. I have no idea how he kept himself hidden in the backseat, but the drive-thru lady couldn’t see skin nor hair of this giant prankster.

Watch their hilarious reactions in this video:

Source: BigDawsTv via YouTube



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