Dogs are the biggest attention-seeking babies of all time. Though their loving fur parents do their best to give them undivided attention, our canine pals can’t seem to stand it when someone gets in the way.

With this, one naughty Labrador devises a cunning plan to keep their neighbor’s dog from hogging its fur mom’s attention. All the pooch needed was to execute its plan in perfect timing to achieve its desired result.

Oh, so you’re going out.

In this hilariously entertaining footage, two adorable dogs stand in their living room. The cream-furred Labrador’s named Nia, while the black-furred dog’s known as Abby.


At first, you’ll think the two dogs are siblings. But, in reality, Abby’s merely staying in Nia’s abode for a week as her fur parent went on a trip. With this, Nia’s fur mom takes care of Abby while she’s staying in their home.

Most dogs would’ve merrily accepted this arrangement as it means having a new playmate in the house. But, Nia seemed to feel otherwise as she patiently waits for Abby to saunter towards another corner of their living room.

Haha! Mom’s mine now!

At first, it seemed nothing peculiar’s happening as Nia focuses her attention on the glass door. But, once Abby disappeared from the camera’s view, the cunning Labrador suddenly jumps into action.

Without wasting any second, Nia opens the door and enters through it. Once she ascertained that Abby’s still out of eyesight, Nia immediately positions herself near the door.

As soon as Abby made her way towards the door, mischievous Nia suddenly closed it on the poor canine. With this, Abby couldn’t do anything but wait on the other side until Nia decides to change her mind.

Can’t get enough of the smart Labrador’s cunning plan to hog all of Mom’s attention? Click on the play button below and start watching the video in live-action.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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