You and your dog both love going to a dog park for your canine companion to play. However, it is important for both of you to behave while there.

Below are six strategies for you to help your dog and his friends get the most out of playtime.

A highly excitable dog may need to be walked ahead of time to help ward off extra energy to make it easier for him to stay calm so he won’t be overly excited when seeing his friends.


If you have more than one dog, taking them alone or having a friend to accompany you to help is a good idea. Please do not ever take a scared or aggressive canine to a dog park as this potentially puts others at risk and can traumatize your dog.

A dog park is a place for a dog to play and have fun with his kind and not intended as a place to fix behavior issues.

Don’t take treats or toys that your dog may not want to share to the park.  Also since other owners may take balls or other toys, you may want to consider other places besides a dog park if your dog isn’t the sharing kind.

Follow the leash law. Most leash laws require a leash to be on until just before the entrance into the park. Leashes need to be off once inside the park.  

Make sure there are no harnesses or collars that can cause injury and risk strangulation or fighting if dogs get caught in each others’ equipment. It is a good idea to use a breakaway collar or one with a quick release buckle.

Although you are free to visit with other dog owners, keep your dog in your sights at all times.  Stay off the internet while watching your dog.

Do not ever leave your dog even for a quick task. You need to take your dog with you if you have to leave and if another adult who is familiar with your dog is unavailable.

Please remember to always have poop bags available to pick up your dog’s waste. It is also thoughtful to offer a poop bag to other owners it they don’t have one.

Another nice thought is to pick up a stray poop that you may see at the park.  It is just good manners to clean up after your dog.

Dog parks can be a dangerous place for kids so be sure to keep kids safe.  Even under optimal circumstances, a small child can easily be knocked down by an excited dog.

Also remember that dog may not get along well with children even if he gets along well with other dogs.  With this in mind, it is best to leave kids at home when going to the dog park.




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