For Michelle Moore, there’s nothing more special than her two rescue dogs, Dutchess and Jake. But never even in her dreams did she ever think that one day they were going to save her life.

Michelle and her life partner, Christopher Creech, were sound asleep in their house in the Danville area in Virginia when they got startled awake. At around 1:30 in the early morning, Jake, their eleven–year–old Shih Tzu, leaped on top of their bed and started barking furiously.


“He just kept barking on us, trying to reach up, grabbing Christ by his beard, pulling,” said Moore. “He has never done something like that before.”

When Dutchess, a Staffordshire terrier that’s a year old, began barking too, the couple was forced to pay attention. They sat up on their bed still half awake. That’s when they heard some strange and terrifying noise.

Creech went to investigate what sounded like a burglar trying to break in. As Moore stayed in the room, the AC went out and the entire power shut down. Water was also be heard swishing like waterfalls.

Because Moore was already in a panic, she didn’t immediately grasp what Creech was shouting. “He kept on saying, ‘We have to get out! The house is falling!’ It took me a second but I jolted and just took off.”

Moore grabbed Jake and ran out to the hallway but she didn’t make it too far. A wall that had fallen down was blocking the path out. But as it turns out, it prevented her from falling into a big hole.

During the turmoil, Jake got so frightened and went running. Dutchess, however, had already made it out in the yard, frantically barking. Creech went back, grabbed Jake, and then hurried out.

In the nick of time, they all got out safely. As floodwaters streamed, their house started crumbling. Later that day, it was revealed that Hurricane Florence caused debris to build up and clogged the river. As a result, it created flash floods that put the neighborhood in great risk.

The rescue team came and pulled Moore, Creech, Dutchess, and Jake out of the woods. Moore may have lost a ton but she has a lot to be thankful for at the same time. A kind neighbor offered one of his rental houses with no charge for a couple of months.

Photo Credits to Michelle Moore via The Dodo

Moore was more than thankful for the aid that came her way. But among others, she was grateful for having Jake and Dutchess, who not only saved their lives but also wonderfully served as their support system.

“My Jake and Dutchess are our heroes,”.



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