No matter where dogs are, they’ll always find a way to have fun. Even if they’re in a quiet area, their tenacious nature paves the way for funny moments to ensue.

Thus, let’s take a look at an energetic dog sprinting through the shallow waters of a canal. Though others would think of this activity as unclean, the pooch doesn’t seem to care as it happily makes its way through the water.

Ooh, what’s that?

In this short yet comical video, one can initially see a tranquil body of water amid a concrete road. By the looks of it, you’ll realize that this body of water is, in reality, a canal.


However, this shallow body of water isn’t the main focus of the video as one can eventually hear the sounds of splashing water from a distance. The sploshing sounds of the water continue until a figure soon surfaces.

Soon enough, a dark figure hurtles through the shallow water of the canal. On and on, the character went until it eventually reached an open area, only to reveal an energetic brown-furred pooch making its way across it.

Having fun, little bud?

By the looks of it, nothing’s stopping this pooch from achieving its goal. Though we don’t know where it’s precisely heading, it seems the dog’s having fun while running across the canal waters.

By the looks of it, the dog has all the energy to pursue this activity. Even if the water’s splashing all around it, the feisty pooch continues to move across the shallow waters, making sure to follow the course it takes.

In just a few seconds, the playful pooch once again disappeared from the camera’s view as it rounds a corner. Though we can’t see where the pooch’s headed, it’s safe to say that it’s enjoying its time wading through the water. If you want to view the dog’s lively play in the water, take a look at the exciting video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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