Fur parents always want to give their beloved dogs the best life, especially when they come from neglected situations. However, apart from providing food and shelter, this fur dad decided to go above and beyond and get him and his pitbull matching pajamas!

Fur dad Scott Alexander had always wanted to adopt a pit bull since the day he had worked with the breed and learned how amazing dogs they were. That was why when a friend of theirs informed them of a pit bull looking for a new home, he and his wife, Kim, immediately decided to meet the pup.

The moment Scott saw Denver, the pit bull, he knew that he was meant to be a part of their family. It didn’t take long for Kim to warm up to the adorable pooch, as well, so the couple went ahead and made their adoption official.


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When Scott and Kim first brought home Denver, they realized that she had been in a neglected family before. She was terrified of almost anything and would rarely interact with the couple or their Tibetan mastiff, Belila. Fortunately, as the canine bonded with the Alexanders, she became more confident and slowly transformed into a sweet and playful dog.

But apart from her family’s unconditional love, one other thing that helped Denver get out of her shell was pajamas. Every time that she wore a pair, she always felt safer, more secure, and not to mention, cozier. So, of course, the couple bought plenty of pajama sets for Denver, and her favorite one happened to be designed with ducks.

One day, Scott decided to buy a set of ducky PJs on Amazon to match Denver’s, thinking how cute they would look. The moment the package arrived, he immediately tried it on, and it was quite safe to say that Denver was thrilled at the sight.

She was so excited to see her fur dad in her duck pajamas, too, that when Scott tried to take a photo, the pooch wouldn’t sit still. Denver was just too happy to share her love for PJs with one of her favorite persons in the world. Look at the adorable matching pajamas here.

Courtesy of Scott Fluffybutt



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