When you’re a dog owner, it can be quite tricky to find a partner who loves your pooch as much as you do. Luckily, this fur mom from Kentucky met the perfect significant other who dedicated his life to his girlfriend’s senior dog. And now, his act of love and kindness has spread across the internet.

When Melissa Meiners met her boyfriend, James Killen, she was very upfront about how much her senior pooch, Sammy, meant to her. She said that if James wanted the relationship to last, he should get along with the pup no matter what.

Thankfully, Melissa need not worry about it at all since the moment she introduced James to Sammy, the two had bonded almost immediately. The pup dubbed James as his new fur dad and noticeably enjoyed his company very much.


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Since the couple started dating, Melissa and Sammy would regularly visit James and his three daughters for movie night. Usually, all six of them, including Sammy, would hang out in the living room, but there are times that James’ teenage kids would pick films that the couple really wasn’t into.

During these nights, the couple would take Sammy up to the bedroom instead and watch a different movie there. This shouldn’t be a concern at all if only James’ bed weren’t too tall for the pup to jump into. So since the first night they hung out in the bedroom, Melissa had made it a habit to bring along Sammy’s stair whenever she came over.

James found it a hassle for his beloved girlfriend. That was why he decided to create a ramp on his bed for the pooch to use whenever he and his fur mom were around. The ramp took a while to put together, but the moment Sammy and Melissa saw it, they were ecstatic and thankful for James’ thoughtful gesture.

The pooch quickly tried it out and was obviously in love with it. Look at the adorable project here.

My boyfriend of four months built a ramp for my dog to get up to his bed so I don’t have to keep bringing his giant stairs over. Aaaaaand it’s drilled into his footboard. That’s pretty permanent. ❤️😭 I finally found the love of my life, and he constantly finds ways to make not only me happy, but to also make Sammy happy. I’m the luckiest woman in the world.

Posted by Melissa Meiners on Sunday, May 31, 2020

Courtesy of Melissa Meiners



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