Meet the German shepherd named Michelangelo Augustine. Or if that name has too many syllables for you, you can call him MikeyGuy for short. MikeyGuy has a special name because he’s no less than a special dog.

MikeyGus’s parents are as special as he is. That’s why they, too, have special names. They go by Temperance and Spartacus.

Temperance and Spartacus gave birth to MikeyGus and the rest of his litter on a farm in Clarksville, Indiana. The family of Amy and Heath Carkuff looks after MikeyGuy, MikeyGuy’s parents, and a horde of other four-legged creatures, including a Shih Tzu named Lilo and a cow named Biscotti. A brood of chickens completes the pack.


The Carkuff farm is what you would call animal friendly. And the standout among these animals is undoubtedly MikeyGus. The dog was born with dwarfism, but that’s not what makes MikeyGus special and unique.

What makes MikeyGus special and unique is his zest for life. He’s always been active since he was a puppy, albeit a little clumsier than the rest of his litter. His humans began to suspect that something was wrong with MikeyGus when he was six weeks old.

When MikeyGus was ten weeks old, a vet visited the Carkuff household. Six more weeks had to pass before he was officially diagnosed with dwarfism. Despite his condition, MikeyGus is like any other dog.

He likes snuggling with the farm’s resident cow, Biscotti. He also likes playing with the chickens on the farm. Most especially, MikeyGus loves bonding with his parents, Spartacus and Temperance.

Temperance is more motherly towards MikeyGus compared to her other offspring. Meanwhile, Spartacus treats MikeyGuys the same as his other puppies. That means with a little indifference, like most dads.

Their family dynamic is fun to witness. MikeyGus’s thirst for life is inspiring to see.

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