When dogs feel loved and cared for by their humans, they are capable of giving back unconditional love and loyalty to them. However, there are times when dogs want to be the only apple of their humans’ eye. In other words, they get jealous when someone new comes along.

A dog owner witnessed this jealousy in his golden retriever, Bailey, when he pretended to show affection to a stuffed toy puppy retriever. His naturally sweet dog displayed what he described as “unusual” behavior.

As he and Bailey sat on a couch, he held the stuffed toy puppy in his arms and stroked its fur. Bailey, looking the other way, stayed on the corner of the sofa. His long face was evidence of his dislike over what his human dad was doing.


Bailey’s dad tried to get his attention by touching the stuffed toy to his hind legs. Bailey momentarily looked at him and his new “puppy” before turning the other way again. This time, he hung his head by the sofa’s armrest.

Bailey was visibly miserable over his dad’s new “baby” and refused to look in its direction. However, his human dad continued to tease him, holding the stuffed toy closer and pretending to kiss it.

At first, Bailey ignored what his dad was doing. However, as his dad kept hugging and kissing the stuffed toy, he could no longer contain himself. He faced the stuffed toy and bit its arm!

And he didn’t do it just once. He attempted to bite the toy’s arm several times. He was definitely jealous!

Bailey then tried to get his dad’s attention by climbing on his back. He fastened his front legs over his dad’s shoulders as if to let him know he wanted a hug, too.

The sweet golden retriever eventually realized the puppy was just a toy—after he tried to bite its head off. From then on, he appeared to play along with his dad’s joke.

To make Bailey feel secure in his love, dad held him in a giant hug. Bailey, seemingly relieved that there was no new dog in his dad’s life, sat happily on his lap. Watch the video below to see Bailey’s cute reaction as he was overcome with jealousy over the stuffed toy puppy.

Source: Funny Dog Bailey via YouTube



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