Moki is a Pit Bull who completely adores her human mom’s guinea pigs, Pandora and Frida. Moki treats all of them like her babies and loves grooming them every chance she gets.

Moki’s fur mom recalled the time when she was in the shelter looking for a dog to adopt. She walked through all of the kennels when she saw a beautiful brown Pit Bull at the farthest part of the pound.


Pit Bull Wins Over Her Guinea Pig Sisters

This pit bull was so determined to make these guinea pigs love her — and now they're all best friends! ️️️💗

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Moki’s mama decided to adopt Moki and bring her home where she and her other guinea pigs lived. She recalled that the shelter workers even warned her that Moki’s a Pit Bull and that she has to make sure that the guinea pigs’ cage is secured at all times.

Moki was curious at the little furry animals as soon as she got home from the shelter. Moki made sure that she is well-acquainted with her new siblings by approaching and showing them just how much she likes them.

Moki would walk towards the cage to sniff it and look at her guinea pig siblings. Sometimes, Moki’s mom often catches her dog and the guinea pigs sniffing each other’s noses.

Moki’s mom observed that Moki would immediately come up to her as soon as she places Pandora and Frida on her lap. Moki did not show any signs of aggression towards the guinea pigs at all.

Moki’s mom shared that she would bring her guinea pigs out for some floor time for a couple of minutes every day. Moki’s mom initially worried that her dog and her guinea pigs would not get along, but she quickly realized that her fur babies would be best of friends because she saw how gentle Moki was.

Moki’s mom recalled that her guinea pigs used to freeze whenever Moki tries to groom them, but they eventually got used to it. Frida and Pandora now love to hang out with their doggy sister.

Source: The Dodo via Facebook



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