Like most stray dogs, Daya has a sad and unfortunate back story. Estimated to be three years old, Daya was rescued when she was wandering the streets of South Carolina. She was brought to a crowded shelter, where they soon discovered she was pregnant.

Unfortunately, it was a high-kill shelter, and if she wasn’t adopted soon, there was a chance that she would be put to sleep. Being pregnant did not help her case at all. There was simply no room for Daya or any of her future litter.

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Nine pups


Luckily for Daya, a Charlotte-based pet rescue organization named Halfway There Rescue got wind of her situation. They took her in and handled the responsibility of finding a foster home for her. And they found the perfect one for her. It seemed like the stray’s luck was changing.

Then, in a cruel twist of fate, Daya was once again in a dire situation.

When the would-be mom was brought to a vet to get a check-up, x-rays showed a shocking revelation. All of Daya’s nine pups were already dead, and her body was already in the process of absorbing them. And to make matters worse, it caused a severe infection in her uterus. Daya needed surgery immediately.

Barely an hour after arriving in the clinic, Daya was undergoing the operation. The dog survived the surgery, but it changed her completely.

Mother’s instincts

Daya’s foster mom, Jennifer Warner, said that the dog became distraught. She missed her babies. When they were home, the dog would get her toys and seem to groom and nurse them. Jennifer added that Daya looked sad all the time.

But three days after the fateful day in the clinic, things started to change. Daya was introduced to Raisin, an abandoned pup that was found in the streets. Raisin was covered with parasites and needed to have a severely injured eye removed.

After her surgery, the two came to live with each other. Realizing that they needed one another, the two quickly created an inseparable bond. And as the days passed, this bond just kept on growing stronger, and the two got happier.

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