How do you make your wedding memorable? Surprise your guests during the reception! Celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson Devine was no exception.

During Sara’s wedding reception, the bride’s first dance was unlike any other. Instead of sharing the first dance with her groom, she danced with her four-legged friend, Hero, to the tune of the 1980s hit song Footloose.

Sara was clothed in her big white wedding dress while Hero was standing up on his hind legs dancing on the floor with her. During the act, Hero showcased his signature jump through the loop Sara made with her arms, and at one point, he even landed on Sara’s back, holding up both front legs! Sara shared the viral video on Instagram, where her friends and family were heard cheering for her and Hero.


Sara and Hero were already famous performers even before this video. Their group, The Super Collies, placed 5th on America’s Got Talent Season 12. Hero performed a variety of impressive acts and charming routines and was joined by other border collies towards the finale.

Hero’s jaw-dropping performance dazzled the notorious Simon Cowell and in turn, urged the other judges to let the pair stay on the competition.

The energetic border collie has also broken the Guinness World Records title for the Most tricks performed by a dog in a minute. He performed 49 tricks in 60 seconds! His trick library involves going on his forelegs, dancing, and spinning.

It was always Sara’s dream to train dogs since she was 15 years old. Her family and friends didn’t support her career choice, but when she adopted Hero, everything changed. She wouldn’t be where she is today without him.

Sara got to share her most important day not only with her new husband, John Devine but also her best fur friend! Congrats Super Devines!

Source: The Super Collies via Youtube



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