Friendships are usually built on commonalities. If two people like the same things, chances are they can become good friends. That’s typically the case for friendships that last for decades.

But that’s not the kind of friendship we have in our featured video. Here it’s the exact opposite. A friendship is built upon apparent differences.

This friendship involves a dog and a duck. There’s no need to elaborate on what makes these two creatures different from each other so that we’ll skip. Instead, let’s bask in their wonderful relationship via the video below.


The dog in the video is a golden retriever named Barclay. The feathered creature is a four-year-old Peking duck named Rudy. They live with their doting parent, Pam Ishiguro, alongside other animals.

This friendship’s origin is not quite ideal. It’s not built on mutual fondness or anything close to it. Instead, it’s built on hunger.

Barclay’s a hungry dog. He loves to eat. When a flock of ducks joined Barclay’s household, the dog realized something.

Duck food tastes excellent. That made Barclay decide to get friendly with the ducks. That’s so he could get close to their food source.

Little did Barclay know that he will end up quite enamored by one of the ducks. That’s Rudy. He’s too charming with his old man’s name Barclay could not resist him.

They quickly became besties. They began hanging out daily. And they excluded everyone else.

Barclay is quite protective of Rudy. He’s an alpha dog, and he does not appreciate others getting close to his precious duck. We assume that’s something Rudy appreciates.

Rudy needs the love and protection given by Barclay. He’s a duck, and he’s a little fragile.

Barclay and Rudy surprised their mom, Pam. But it’s a beautiful surprise. This interspecies friendship is a story worth telling, after all.

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