Maria brought home a Pit Bull named Wesley, despite not knowing how her cat Wyatt would react. Maria recalled that Wesley was lying at the bathroom door while Wyatt was inside, looking at his new doggy sibling from a safe distance.

Maria shared that Wyatt was hesitant to approach Wesley during Wesley’s first couple of days at home. Maria admitted that she felt more nervous about having Wyatt not liking Wesley than the other way around.


Kitten Isn't Sure About His Pittie Brother — At First

Now they spoon every day 😍😍

Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, July 16, 2020


Maria said that Wyatt is an older kitten, so he was not sure how he would react. Maria shared that Wesley has always been great with cats, and he makes sure to give them the space they need.

Maria recalled that Wyatt always kept his distance with Wesley. Maria shared that Wyatt took a couple of days before he got used to how big Wesley is.

Maria shared that Wyatt eventually became comfortable with Wesley as soon as he got over his aversion towards Wesley. Maria recalled that she noticed the change in Wyatt’s behavior when the kitten started to play with Wesley’s tail gradually.

Maria noticed that Wyatt also started to play with Wesley’s ears while he was sleeping as each day passed. Maria believes that Wesley and Wyatt quickly got along because they both weird and have human-like characteristics.

Maria shared that Wesley and Wyatt are both expressive and vocal about their feelings. Maria said that she was drawn to her two fur babies because of how odd their characteristics are.

Maria said that what makes Wesley unique is how expressive he is. Maria shared that Wesley is like a cartoon character, and she could always tell what is on Wesley’s mind just by looking at him.

Maria shared that she was initially planning on getting a cat, so Wyatt would have someone to keep him company. However, she ended up adopting Wesley, and it was the best decision she ever had.

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