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Kross is a Labrador who was unlucky for the first part of his life. For years, Kross was chained right outside his house. It was a great thing that he was rescued after a person found help for him.

The chain that tied Kross to his house was directly right around his neck. The chains were heavy and locked, and it surely was uncomfortable for the dog. Aside from that, the chain was too short that he couldn’t move around that much.

Kross’ owner was an alcoholic, and he would hit the dog when he felt like it. The owner would also be home only for a few days each week. Kross didn’t have any food or water when his owner was not around.


When a rescue group got the report about Kross, they rushed to check on him. They felt their hearts break when they saw Kross’ situation, and they had to help him as soon as possible.

While they were trying to unchain him, the team gave him food, and Kross hungrily ate all of it. He was definitely famished. He was also very thankful for what the team had given him that his tail wouldn’t stop wagging. He even gave the team kisses.

When they got Kross safely unchained, they took him to a vet for treatment. He had to stay there for a number of days so he can gain back his health.

In two weeks’ time, Kross was then transferred to a shelter, and there, he had to work with a dog trainer. He was taught basic commands, as well as some tricks.

Kross showed people that he could be great with other animals as well as with people. He showed people that he could be part of a family. He now loves his new freedom.

Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel



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