With a dangerous pandemic spreading throughout the world, everyone’s encouraged to avoid unnecessary activities and stay indoors. With this, one tends to get bored as they try to find ways to spend their free time wisely.

But, it seems a particularly playful pooch found the perfect activity to do alone. It seems all the dog needed was a bit of imagination to have fun while on isolation.

Alone and lonely? No worries!

In this short yet exciting video clip, an adorable dog stands amid a grassy field. By the looks of it, the pooch took some time out to explore the outside world through taking an afternoon stroll.


However, the pooch soon found an unusual object on the field as it takes notice of a barren tree standing nearby. Without further ado, the playful pooch starts jumping at the nearest branch to begin its own tug-of-war game.

By the looks of it, this lively dog’s under solitary confinement for some unknown reason. But, for whatever reason the dog has, the pooch doesn’t mind being alone as it found its ultimate source of fun.

Yay! I love playing this game!

As the video progresses, the feisty pooch carries on with its energetic tugging at the tree branch. Even if the branch snaps back into its position, the dog performs everything in its power to retrieve its newfound toy.

No matter how high the branch goes, the dog makes sure to regain possession of it. At some point, the pooch even leaps to reach the branch. Once it grasped the branch’s end, it immediately tugged on it like there’s nothing else left to do.

But, how long do you think the playful dog managed to hold onto the tree branch? You’ll only know if you click on the red play button in the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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