Imagine being lost and wandering out on the streets alone braving the elements and having to search for food.  You have a family but don’t know where they are or if they are looking for you.  You miss them terribly and you feel so alone.

But then as luck would have it, a stranger offers you food and shelter. You feel safe and are happier now but you still miss your family.  Days go by and you are learning to love your new friend.

It is not a family like you are used to, but you are happy and content. You and your new friend do everything together. Your new friend is great and you love him.


Every once in a while, you think about your old family. You do miss them and continue to wonder if they are looking for you. Will you ever see them again?


It is important to realize that not all lost dogs are abandoned. Some may be stolen or inadvertently stray too far from home.

No matter the circumstances, opening our home to a lonely canine buddy provides comfort, security, and love that every dog deserves and, I suspect, desires.

In return, a dog can bestow companionship, joy, and fulfillment to a single person or to a family.

And, sometimes, the love of a dog can even promote unexpected lasting and meaningful human friendships.

This video reveals the special power of “dog love”. Hopefully, it will touch your heart and compel you to give your dog a great big hug.

Oh, and, by the way, this video will probably create a lump in your throat if you are trying to hold back the tears.  Just let the tears flow.

Credit to and a big thank you to for this video.



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