Wildfires are prevalent in California, especially during the summer months, when it’s dry and hot. Once wildfires start, it’s almost impossible to stop it, which is why people living in the path of the blaze are evacuated before it’s too late. The sad thing about natural disasters, such as wildfires, is that our pets often get left behind.

Andrea Gaylord knows the destructive nature of wildfires. And, when a wildfire broke out near the town where she and her family lives in, they had no choice but to pack whatever they can in their car and evacuate. They know they didn’t have a choice.

However, during the frenzy of evacuating, Andrea and her family were unable to find their dogs named Madison and Miguel. They searched everywhere, and the dogs were nowhere to be found. They searched everywhere to the last minute until the wildfire was almost upon their town. They had no other choice but to leave without the dogs. Otherwise, the fire would’ve cut off their escape and become victims of the fire themselves.


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Andrea and her family were hopeful that their dogs were able to escape the fire. They were optimistic and were hoping against all the odds that their beloved pets survived. A few days later, Andrea received news that their dog, Miguel, is safe and was currently being cared for by an animal rescuer named Shayla Solven. However, they didn’t get any news about their other dog, Madison.

Miguel was reunited with the family the next day, but Andrea and her family still wanted to find Madison. They needed to wait for an entire month before they can go back to their home, which was already burned down to ashes. When they were finally allowed to come back to their property, they found that there was nothing left standing. All their possessions were burned down.

Andrea and her family were emotional, but nothing could have surprised them more when they found Madison sitting where their house used to be waiting for them to return. When Madison saw her family, she happily ran toward them to welcome her family back home. With all the heartbreak Andrea’s family endured during the wildfire disaster, they found a silver lining out of all of it. Their beloved dogs escaped and survived unscathed from the fire, and that told them that they could rebuild.

Here’s a heartwarming video of how the family escaped the wildfire and got reunited with their beloved pet dogs. To find out more about this story, just click play on the video below. The video will also remind us to keep our pets secured so we can always get them out of danger during any emergencies.

Video Source Inside Edition via YouTube



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