A woman living off Merrill Drive in Paradise, California may have lost her property to a deadly wildfire, but she’ll always be glad her two beloved dogs escaped the conflagration unscathed.

The Camp Fire, one of the deadliest wildfires in US history and the most devastating in California, burned for more than two weeks and caused $16.5 billion in damages.

The wildfire razed Andrea Gaylord’s 100-year-old home in Paradise to the ground. She was just on her way home when orders to evacuate the area took effect.


Andrea wasn’t allowed to go back to her property by then, so there was nothing she could do but pray her two Anatolian Shepherd mixes, Madison and Miguel, get out alive.

Once the worst of the flames were over, animal rescue volunteers scoured fire zones to help families find the pets they had to leave behind. Andrea sought the help of one such volunteer, Shayla Sullivan, who was instrumental in locating Madison and Miguel.

Shayla made sure to put out food and water near Andrea’s home so the dogs, if they were still there, would not go hungry. Thanks to social media, Andrea heard that other rescuers had spotted Miguel, and she conveyed this information to Shayla.

Shayla found Miguel, whom another group had rescued, 87 miles away in Citrus Heights. She then drove the canine to Andrea and her husband, who were staying at a shelter in the meantime.

The kind volunteer continued to leave food and water at Andrea’s property. She caught sight of Madison a few times, but the canine was serious about his duty to guard the house, burned it may be, so he never approached Shayla.

Then Shayla and Andrea had a brilliant idea. Shayla had hugged Andrea when she returned Miguel to her, so the shirt she was wearing that day had Andrea’s scent. The volunteer decided to leave it at the property so Madison would know that his fur mom was coming back.

When Andrea finally got leave to return to Merrill Drive, she found the loyal Madison there, patiently waiting. Andrea tearfully describes him as “the best dog.”

With their family complete once more, Andrea and her husband are hard at work rebuilding their life, their faithful canines cheering them on and giving them hope.

Watch Madison and Miguel in the video below:

Source: ABC10 on YouTube



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