If you have three puppies depending on you to survive, you’ll do everything you can to give them their needs. That’s especially true for this rockstar mama dog.

This family didn’t have much choice but to seek shelter in one of the caves in the mountains. Mama dog relied on strangers passing by the road down below for food.

Cave rescue

Rescuers had to climb up and go near the caves to reach the fur family. They lured the puppies out to get them to safety while mama dog was busy searching for food.


It took the team half of the day to get all three puppies plus dog mama. That’s not easy work, considering steep inclines and thick bushes to contend with.

Finally, all pups got reunited with mama. The rescue team brought the dogs to a clinic where they received medical attention and the much-needed vaccination.

Vaccinations help fight a whole army of dog diseases, and medicated baths combat ticks, fleas, and other pesky parasites.

From cave dwellers to rescued pets, the transformation’s incredible. These little pups wanted the whole bowl of chicken and rice to themselves.

It’s nice to see rescued animals transform into happy, playful, and competitive ones. This little pup wanted the whole bowl of chicken and rice to himself.

Fortunately, his siblings share the same warrior DNA, so everybody ended up getting an equal share of the glorious chicken and rice.

From now on, you guys won’t have to worry about food, water, and love. You’ll get a lot of those while in the shelter.

When your forever family welcomes you to their home, there’ll be more of life’s goodness for you to experience.

For now, enjoy ripping socks, biting slippers, and tearing your shelter pals’ jeans off. They’re fun too, and anything that gives you joy, go for it!

Photo and video credits to Stray Paws via YouTube



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