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The little things often have the most impact.

Melissa Meiners had someone unique way before she met her boyfriend, James Killen. That someone would be Sammy, her Chihuahua that is 8 years old. Sammy would have been an obstacle for the two’s relationship, but he and James are best pals.

Movie nights at Killen’s house were always looked forward to by both Meiners and Sammy, though that meant bringing stairs for Sammy every time. The movies that Killen’s daughters’ pick weren’t always ones the couple wanted to watch, that’s why they sometimes go to the bedroom to watch something different. The bed was too tall for Sammy, though, so his mom always brings stairs with them.


Killen expressed how much Sammy and Meiners meant to him by building a permanent ramp attached to the bed that Sammy can use to get up and down from. Meiners posted that Killen had made a ramp for Sammy so that he doesn’t try and jump off it (Meiners said that Sammy sometimes had the urge to do so). She added that he drilled the ramp to the footboard so that it’s permanent, she said that she certainly wasn’t mad about it.

This small action meant the world for both Meiners and Sammy. She said that Killen was excellent and that he shows day after day how much he loves her, and Sammy too. She also added that they were four months in, with forever to go.

Killen replied to her post by saying that this was no problem at all. He said that Meiners makes it easy, and by having her and Sammy there, it was like an added celebration to his life.

Sammy indeed loves his new ramp, and it makes his life more comfortable. Watch him use it in the video down below.

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